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AboutThe Client

Kosmetica Plus is a Ghanaian owned social enterprise aimed at providing a reliable and sustainable supply of cosmetic raw material (butter and soap), and enhancing the livelihood of all stakeholders. It was established by a young entrepreneur who believes in the economic empowerment of women, and has been in operation since November 2015.

We process and sell/export the best premium grade A, unrefined natural Shea butter, Shea soap and African black soap to manufacturers and retailers, pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage companies, skin care clinics, soap makers, massage – tanning parlors, entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe.

AboutThis project

This site features more image and text content with the brands colours’ lemon green and pink. Kosmetica Plus was in business for a few months and needed a website to enhance their online presence. We designed a clean and simple website with easy navigation systems and well-presented call to action buttons.


    TYPEFACE: Roboto Slab Regular (Title Text) & Poppins Regular (Body Text)

    COLOURS: #05E00A #F710AE

    DOMAIN: http://www.kosmeticaplus.com