Hearts For Orphans

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Hearts For Orphans

February 1, 2018

UX/UI Designer - George Ababio Developer - George Ababio

Website Design, SEO, Custom Design, Social Media Integration & Content Development

About The Client

Hearts for Orphans Ghana is a registered Non - Governmental Organization dedicated to delivering philanthropic initiatives to ease the woes of the needy orphan. The organization also seeks to ensure that every orphan attains education to the university level and also have access to health care. We intend to achieve this through building sustainable and healthy partnerships with Donor Agencies, Companies, Institutions, Corporate Organizations, Philanthropies and the Government.

Our Approach

We designed a simple layout brought to life by a vibrant colour palette. We employed an unusual font to allow the contents to stand out. The site features a good mix of images and attention-seeking icons designed to make the site fun without being distracting.