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AboutThe Client

DroneHub Ghana Limited is a one-stop product solutions provider for everything drone and drone-related in Ghana. Be it drone hardware, accessories, parts, trackers, software and application; we have it all.

We are passionate about the possibilities of how aerial technology can be used to improve our way of life as well as make regular industrial function safer and more efficient. We are primarily a drone company that supports drone users with their everyday product needs.

We hope that you make us part of your drone solution whether it’s for personal or commercial use.

AboutThis project

DroneHub is a fresh kind of electronic store which carries premium drones, accessories, cameras and gimbal products only. We were invited to build an e-commerce site that felt as premium and clean as the products sold. Our task was to build an online shop that felt authentic, accessible and made online shopping exciting and safe. We also designed an enterprise site that consisted of educational information as well as company information.


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    DOMAIN: http://www.dronehubgh.com