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AboutThe Client

Doxa Makeup Artist began early 2015, which is one of the most highly regarded Makeup Artist. Whether she’s called upon to create her signature look, beat described as fresh and flawless or to work her magic for family, friends and clients, she delivers as expected.

Clients especially appreciate her original technique, creating a soft, natural base that produces a look of freshness and light. She also approaches each Makeup as a unique study of the face; she works in all genres of Make-Up including ULTRA-NATURAL, THE SOPHISTICATED AND THE GLAMOROUS.

Website Design
Website Design
Website Design
Website Design

AboutThis project

We created a site that is carefully mixed colorfully images to keep the audience informed while navigating through. We engaged white space and a simple end on layout to make all the contents be noticeable. We used a balanced pink and white palette to send a sense of significance and uniqueness. The main objective of the site was to display clients’ works for new and existing customers.


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