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AboutThe Client

Afriksavers  is a volunteer-driven NGO based in Ghana that offer worldwide affordable Volunteer and internship programs placements and ecotourism projects in Ghana. We are committed to the development of rural  communities projects and offer volunteer abroad, internship abroad, education abroad, education tour programs, ecotourism projects , humanitarian projects and community development projects which help improving  the moral and life of underprivileged children and vulnerable people in our various communities in Ghana as well as West Africa.

Afriksavers partnership projects rely on the support of volunteers from around the world, with organizations, associations that share the same vision with our outfit. Afriksavers aims to assist in fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals. Afriksavers Projects aim to Millennium Development Goals, Sustainable Development and support Global Impact Initiatives.

AboutThis project

This project was our very 1st Non-Governmental Organization project for the year 2017. This website is not your normal NGO website but it consist of two different categories namely, The Charity aspect and Eco-Tourism aspect. We were delighted to try out something new. The outcome is what you have online.


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