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AboutThe Client

AccounTrust is a limited liability company engaged in the provision of services in the areas of Accounting, Management and Taxation for medium-size enterprises.

Our primary focus is exceptional client service and expert advice that ensure complete peace of mind for our clients; knowing they are dealing with true professionals who care.

The goal of AccounTrust is to provide services that will add value to the business of all our clients at all times. We have a proven track record for quality work and excellent service in the areas of setting up accounting systems, management contracts for small business, training in accounting and finance for medium size business executives and staff.

AboutThis project

AccounTrust was re-branding and needed a professional and responsive website that projected the brands image. The site was designed using the company’s colours with a touch of material design in it. The site was built with less images and more text content in mind because client wanted visitors to get firsthand information about the company even before contacting them. Site navigation system was built with SEO best practices.


    TYPEFACE: Open Sans (Title Text) & Basic (Body Text)

    COLOURS: #14A1DE #605E5E